ThermiVa®- Vaginal Rejuvenation

Reclaim. Restore.  Revive.

Excessive stretching of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after vaginal birth or simply due to aging.

Damage can diminish sensation during sexual activity, reduce satisfaction, and change the relationship between partners. 

Laxity of the skin is caused by numerous factors and no area is immune to this natural decline. 

ThermiVa® treatments use radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without discomfort or downtime.

“When heated, collagen fibrils will denature and contract, which is believed to lead to the observed tissue tightening. 


A non-invasive treatment to tighten vaginal tissues, ThermiVa® can help alleviate urinary stress incontinence, improve comfort during activity and help you enjoy each day with greater confidence.

  • ThermiVa® uses radiofrequency (RF) to tighten loose vagina tissues
  • Treatment takes 1 hour or less with no down time
  • Results are noticeable within days and continue to improve*

*Individual results may vary

In addition to improving the tone and tightness of the labia and external tissues, ThermaVa can alleviate a number of problems associated with vaginal tissue atrophy helping to:

  • Reduce or stop stress urinary incontinence (you pee when you sneeze)
  • Restore natural vaginal lubrication
  • Improve orgasm and alleviate pain during intercourse
  • Enhance sex for you and your partner
  • Restore comfort when wearing tight clothing
  • Enhance self-confidence and overall sense of well being.



  • 3 treatments $3300