Eyeliner and Enhancement

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At Light and Tight, Our permanent makeup solutions are designed to make your life easier and more convenient.  Whether you’re looking to cover up a scar or just plain tired of that daily cosmetic routine, we have an option for you.  And best of all, once your treatment is complete, you won’t have to spend your mornings in front of the mirror trying to get your makeup just right.  For more information about permanent makeup or to schedule a consultation contact us!

This treatment is incredibly effective at drawing attention to the eyes and can be as subtle or dramatic as required.  The eyelash enhancement treatment is the implanting of pigment in-between the lashes along the lash line and is an amazing eye opener.  The result is very similar to the effect that a mascara wand leaves behind after application, except it is semi-permanent.

Eyeliner, as the name implies, is just above or below the lash line and can be as fine or voluminous as the client requires.  There are various color combinations and effects that can be chosen to achieve the desired result.  This treatment really does prove quite a revelation in terms of the possibilities to the client.

The initial treatment will be followed with a touch up between 1-3 months later.  Semi-permanent make up as the name implies requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look, but you can expect the enhancement to last anything from 1-3 years before a re-touch treatment is required.

Eye lash enhancement


Pricing (All prices includes 1 touch up within 4-8 weeks)

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner- Top & Bottom:                 $550 (1 ½ hours)

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner- Top:                                    $450 (1 hour)

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner- Bottom:                             $350 (1 hour)

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner- Lash Enhancement:       $450 (1 ½ hours)