A Hydrafacial is for the treatment of fine lines and medium-depth wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, mild acne, and uneven skin texture. This treatment uses HydroPeel tips that glide along your skin to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate. It’s packed with acids, antioxidants, and hydrators to deliver the ultimately perfect facial. Hydrafacials are great for all skin types and can be done as a monthly maintenance facial. It can also be supercharged for more aggressive results by adding peptides or stem cells.

Hydrafacial MD

($150)/ea.     ($750)/package of six


Additional Add-ons:

  • Peptide Boost/($30)
  • Britenol/($50)
  • Stem Cell Boost/($75)

For the treatment of fine lines and medium depth wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation,, mild acne and uneven skin texture. We pull out our acid arsenal to customize a unique formula of peeling agents to address your specific needs. This treatment does not use any numbing agents. There is a brief, mild discomfort, but we have handheld fans for your use. Expect about a 7-10 day recovery time and peeling if you want to peel a lot. Most clients are able to use light cosmetics after a few days.

Chemical peels

  • Progressive($100)
  • Mid-depth($200)
  • Deep($300)

Corrective Rx facials

($100)/ 1hr.          ($150)/ 1.5hr


($100)/ea.     ($75)with a facial

Spa Facials

($85)/hr.       ($120)/ 1.5hr

For the treatment of rough texture, sun damage, and lackluster skin. We incorporate acids, peptides, retinols, and growth factors to give your body the same attention you give your face. We can do this one full body of just specific areas and of course customizes it address you individual concerns. Experience spa indulgence with clinical results.

Body wrap ($100)/ea.

Body peel ($100)/ea.

The mini Hydrafacial is a facial choice for teens and young adults who suffer from dry skin, dull skin or acne. This treatment uses a Blue HydroPeel tip which hydrates and cleanses the skin. If you suffer from moderate acne you can also add on the Beta-HD which may result in better, long lasting results seen after multiple treatments.

Single treatment/($45)ea.

Single treatment+Beta-HD/($60)ea.

Additional Add-ons:

  • Britenol/($50)
  • Peptide Boost/($30)
  • Stem Cell Boost/($75)

Give us an hour and we’ll take off 10 years! The minus 10 facial is our newest corrective facial that incorporates retinal, antioxidants, peptides and stem cell technology to reduce puffy eyes, fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. The minus 10 peel is our newest peel that uses acids to erase wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

Minus 10 facial ($125)/ea.

Minus 10 peel ($200)/ea.